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Discussion on: How to deploy a static web app on AWS S3 for free?

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I remember I was doing that a few years ago. Until I found Netlify and moved everything there. I am not advertising for them, it's just that I remember how many posts like yours I've read to be able to host static sites on S3 and it was quite difficult at that time. But my actual goal was to quickly deploy SPA's or landing pages for free, and if this is your goal too, you might wanna check their services. ;)

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Dhiraj Bhatt Author • Edited on

Netlify looks promising. And I agree, AWS S3 is not the most easy way to deploy a static app. Though when I did this, it was to get myself familiar with AWS technologies and Terraform. And wrote the same into a post :) Maybe it’s worth writing a post on comparison of various ways one can deploy an app!