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Discussion on: Facebook is down, discuss...

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Anuvindh Sankaravilasam • Edited on

I believe its a DNS propagation issue, and Facebook will be just a start . we might see such outrages if this is a cyber attack . Even if its not , black hats got one more door to explore....

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The state level actors must have known about the weakness of the BGP forever. They also decided to not do anything about it after all this may come in handy one day.

A friend of mine is a security enthusiast/ hobbyist and he explained to me a hack using the BGP years ago.

Now I have other things to do - I like to create things and I don’t hack.

But if he could figure it out - most certainly others know about it. And if they haven’t used it then that’s because they keep it around as another option in their quiver.