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re: Agree. I'm in a stage now where I don't know both Vue or React. (I only know jQuery now) Can you show some examples (may be in a next article) s...

There are lots and lots of good articles online and resources to learn.

Well i would suggest not picking up any lib/framework at start, and just go with javascript, and before learning any framework/lib deeper understanding of javascript & ES6 is good to have otherwise you will find yourself struggling with simple tasks.

"Vue js Docs, I was confident of trying it, but after react docs, its not." well this line justifies my point of the post, if you read it carefully. vuejs is easier to work with but reactjs is simple to understand.

Either way i would suggest learning ES6 Concepts like Arrow Functions, Promises, async/await, destructuring, higher order array methods etc etc.

"and possibly explain why React is better?" well i did not said React is better than Vue in the post nor i said Vue is better than React. Choose whatever suites the project and whatever you feel comfortable with.

Sure, I'm learning ES6 now. Just today i wrote something about it here:

Neat! nice post.
yeah keep learning. :D

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