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re: your core statement is right, you have to understand the tool to be able to use it best. But the comparison between Vue and React is a bit misleadi...

Right. but in the post i did not mentioned anything about "use the right tool for the right problem" or "how to solve a problem" nor i said anything related to "use vue" or "use react"

and also i did not compare the two in depth, my point is all about "UNDERSTANDING THE TOOL"

Probably it was my mistake that i choose Vue & React as an example because when people see something about "Vue / React" people tend to go into discussion of "Which one is better" & "Why someone would use one or other" but my post isn't about which one is better nor which one solves my problems best.

My sole intention was to show how both tool works internally & and it is beneficial to understand the inner workings of a tool. :D

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