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Blouote - The best way out - A developers approach

The way out of what? πŸ€”

Now that depends on you, because it's whatever is giving you a hard time.

So we're looking at the best approach to facing those problems.

If you're looking for a universal way to solve your problems fast, then bye. I'm not here to sell you scam.

'The best way out' doesn't necessarily mean the way to solve your problems. But the form in which you emerge from those problematic situations.

That's why today, I'm considering Robert Frost's quoute; β€œThe best way out is always through.”

You definitely don't tell yourself, that there will be no more problems, when you come out of one. They'll always come.
So finding a shortcut out of the present one doesn't mean you'll find a shortcut out of the next one.

But the experiences you gain, even through pain - in the present situation, will always be there to help you scale out faster from future problems in the long run.

Kathryn Long says "When you are in any kind of a jam or situation in life, the best way to get out of it is by going through it until you reach the other side of it. It has to do with the notion that we learn from the hard things we get through in life, not from the times when everything is smooth sailing.

A very realistic example in our domain is Tutorial Hell.

If you don't know what that means, hang on.

You get a tutorial to learn a language, you follow it word by word, example by example, except you don't try to understand, you just duplicate. So the next time you try to solve a problem, you lack the understanding, and thus, you need another tutorial to help you out. The hell is the repetition of that cycle.

So how does tutorial hell fit in here?

The problem in this situation is the lack of understanding of a particular language, or framework.
The shortcut, is to go back to a tutorial, duplicate their code as usual, and voila, the code works.

Now put it together, you solve your problem, but you're hardly smarter than before you solved it. You've hardly learnt anything new, and your duplicated solution, would not help you solve future problems.

By now, you see where I'm going, let's move on together.

So think for a minute, what's the better approach?

Crack my head open for the solution? No. It's still to get the answer somewhere else. Just one catch; don't duplicate. Get your solutions from different sources, go through that problem line by line, and understand why the solution, is the right approach to that problem.

Now you solve that problem, you understand what's wrong, and why it's wrong. You get a better understanding of the underlying algorithms, and in the future, problems would form a pattern you just have to detect and break.

Now when you replace the tutorial hell cycle with this cycle, you condition your memory to understand problems better.

Getting out of your problems, by going through it hones you for future situations.

More of this everyday.

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