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Blouote - A developer's Secret to Success

“Success is a process, not an event.“ That's Gary Halbert speaking.🗣️

What's that mean?🤔

The moment you collect that award, is not what defines your success.

You've done a lot of work, carried out some activities. Gone through some pain, that lead you to that moment.

Definitely why John C. Maxwell said; “The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.“

What don't we all already know here?🙄

I used to think, I have to come up with this idea, that has never been brought up before, whoop up a figma design, open my editor and cook up some React, and boom.💥
You know what I mean.😶

Then we'll probably sit down all day thinking of that multi billion dollar idea, probably fantasizing the life that comes after.
Well, that could work.😉

But what we always forget, is the proactive planning; Preventing problems, before they even think of arising.
You need to build up yourself with every passing day, learn something new, by building something small.

You'll probably come up with an idea one day, but lack the skills to work on it, because you refused to develop yourself.😒

Yeah, I'll just work with someone who has the skills, if he doesn't decide to eat up the idea.
And there, you didn't plan for that outcome.

So make the daily efforts.

Robert Collier said “Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in day out“

And finally, “Success is the journey, not the destination.“

More of this everyday.

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