JetBrains gave me 1 year license for all products

Anton Reshetov on April 02, 2019

A week ago I chatted to colleague about JetBrains products. We tolked about this and that. And then the colleague told me: do you know that JetBrai... [Read Full]
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they also give 1 year free for students. (all IDE's)


Yeah! And you can also re-apply if you're still eligible.


Yep. And not just university, even high schoolers can get it!


Yep I use that licence with my institutional email, but I only have 2 years left and at this point I can't leave the platform x.x I will have to pay the 700ish USD


That price, $650 USD, is for organizations; individual licenses only cost $250 and go down to $150/year after the 3rd year of renewal. What I like most about their personal/individual license is that it does not restrict where I can use it. This means the license I personally bought can be used at my place of employment, even if it's a huge corporation. Check out their FAQ to determine if you need an organizational or individual license. Simply put:

*A Commercial license is the standard licensing option for organizations and business entities.

*A Personal license is an option for private individuals who purchase a license with their own funds, and solely for their own use.


I love it ❤️ I am now in my second year of free Jetbrains open source license.
They also give out multiple licenses if you have active contributors, I have donated a 2nd license to my most active contributor (also 2nd year now).


That's pretty interesting! 😮 Thanks for sharing it, man! I'll keep this in mind when there's a big open source project for me to do.

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