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Discussion on: I'm still using Firefox

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Anton Melnyk

Was trying to switch to Firefox like 10 times and each time I go back to Chrome. Unfortunately, it's just a more smooth and seamless experience, especially on Android phones with the ecosystem Chrome provides.

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Rohan Mishra

I very recently (about a month ago) switched to firefox on my phone with Preview/nightly but was using firefox on desktop + chrome on mobile. I used Firefox Lockwise on my ipad and phone before that. Chrome on android is quite well made though

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Give Firefox for Android a try! It's nice as well! I used it for years.

If you sync Firefox desktop with Firefox Android you can replicate a seamless experience in my opinion.

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Ravi Shekhar Jethani

I use Firefox sync and lockwise services on my Android and my home and work laptops (both Linux BTW). I can open tabs of one device on another, send tabs to another device etc. Never faced issues with it. And yes quite fast and less resource hungry then Chrome.