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Making your p5*js preview pages look good.

Template preview image

I like to make art thru code and one of the most convenient ways to do that, taking sharing it later into account, is to use a JavaScript library like p5*js.

Why p5*js?

I like to use it because its syntax is very similar to its parent project Processing, language I'm very familiar with.

I like to learn new things, but if it's just to make something simple or to explore concepts that aren't tied to performance or platform I like to go with what I already know.

Why making a template, or more correctly a page to display the sketches?

I believe I'm not the only one that wants to share is work in a more pleasant looking way, we all like beautiful things.

I made this template so from now on when I share my code deviations, that don't fill the screen, be more than just a square on the top left corner of the screen and look a little more pleasant, at least to me. 馃ぃ

The first person that needs to be happy regarding any work, it's his creator.

You can find the template here, feel free to do with it anything you want.

I'm a newbie at this!

This is the first Repository I made with the intent of sharing it with every one, so if you have any feedback on how to improve the code, documentation or anything else, as small as it maybe, feel free to comment or open a issue.

Even regarding this post, I just joined DEV and I don't really know what am I doing, any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you for reading 馃崈

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz • Edited on

Nice beginning, you have a star from me from me on GH plus added first issue.

You can star the repo yourself two stars will no longer look you star it yourself.

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Ant贸nio Costa Author

Just checked the issue, didn't even remember about gh papes while I was writing. 馃ぃ