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Discussion on: Why linux is better for Developers

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Anthony Louis

I agree with you, as developers and tech lovers we need to know and experiment a little bit of each different technology.

The only part that I think different from you is that we must compare these technologies, not to defend the one we believe is better but to know when mas how to use each one correctly

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Martin Romario Ntuwa

Yes, we can compare but we cannot come to a definite conclusion on which technology is better. Like I cannot say that I use VSCode for some type of programming and I use Atom for another and Sublime for something else. That's the same thing with Operating Systems. it's not like you can switch any time you want, not unless you're testing your code. But I have friends who are very comfortable with Linux and nothing you say can change their minds, and others are just into Apple stuff, and as a person who uses Windows, I cannot change unless if I'm paid to do so. I've used all operating systems before, but I still prefer Windows.

P.S. If you want to start a war, just go on any platform and start comparing IDEs. Coders can die for their IDEs.