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Discussion on: Is the AWS Solutions Architect Certification worth it? A review

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This is a great perspective. I just started studying software development- about 6 months. I've made a few apps. I'm a high school teacher so I wrote a simple program to automate parent student communication. It worked okay- it just wasn't practical. I could only use it from my personal computer at home, and I couldn't share it to my coworkers. So eventually AWS starting looking like the solution to my problems. Also, I don't have much real knowledge of the tech industry. Now that I've started preparation for the exam, I've had so many 'a-ha' moments. I'm starting to see the big picture and how companies and organizations get things done. Don't get me wrong, once I earn my first certificate it's going on my CV and profile, but the skills and knowledge obtained while studying for it will definitely get put to good use.

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Emmanuel N Kyeyune Author

That's awesome to hear! Best of luck on the journey! So long as you stick with it and keep the passion you'll make a ton of progress. AWS is an amazing service and I'm sure it will more than meet your development needs.
I was using AWS for quite a bit before taking the cert and even then it helped me tie together a lot of concepts. Studying for it is a great entry/guide to the world of provisioning cloud infrastructure.