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Started Learning Swift

Anthony Gedeon
An ambitious programmer that will change the world with software.
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The Journey so Far...

It's already been 11 days since I started learning Swift. So far the language is pretty nice even though some concepts are weird to think about like POP. However, I've never had so much fun learning a programming language before 🥳

Teaching what I Learned

Starting tomorrow, I will be using the Feynman technique to improve my understanding of the language. For instance, structs, protocols, and classes are still hard to wrap my head around so I'll force myself to build projects with these concepts in mind and post my experience and learnings for that particular project!


Here are some goals that I want to achieve within 365 days

Goals In Progress Achieved
Ship 3 medium to large mobile apps
Get 3 clients that are willing to pay for my services (iOS)
Contribute to open-source projects that use Swift
Finish #100DaysOfSwift
Deeply understand Swift & programming fundamentals
Build over 100 swift projects (or experiments)

I'm Going to Need Your Help

Whenever I post a blog teaching a concept, if you notice any errors in my understanding of a concept, please correct me!

print("See ya!")
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Discussion (2)

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Anthony Gedeon Author • Edited

Expect a blog post every Sunday @ 5pm CST starting next week!

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Alberto Giambone 👨‍🌾

Nice start ;)