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Discussion on: Which non-computer science degrees apply to skills needed for a career in software development?

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Anthony Campos • Edited on

Psych classes! After having spent a full year before graduating taking Psychology/Cognitive Science classes before transitioning to Computer Science, they helped improve me as a person and a friend.

I would say once I got to the upper-division classes in Psychology, it really pushed you to work with others and collaborate on interesting topics dealing emotion, awareness, the brain, etc. Through many of the classes, they value respect and careness for classmates, and it helped set a tone in our meetings which would help make sure it was a safe and open space to share our thoughts when doing group work. These classes made me confident in being honest to others about how I feel, what's going through my mind, and opening me up to not being ashamed of the mental issues I faced myself, among other things. So I would 100% say Psychology/Cognitive Science classes, because in those classes and groups, you felt the care of your classmates which is something I often missed during my Computer Science courses, but it helped me become a better teammate and friend to others.