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Discussion on: My Skills Development List

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AbdulRazaq Suleiman

Hello man, great article up there,id like to receive your plan and here's my email address:
By the way, have you developed in Rails too and again looking at Machine Learning, are you not interested in adding that to your skills too, if not can you please tell us why, Thanks

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Everistus Olumese Author

Hello AbdulRazaq, thank you so much for reading my article. I already develop a bit with rails enough to understand other people's code. I guess that is not a path I want to take now. As for AI I am quite interested in this. For the past few days I have been trying to wrap my head around using tensorflowjs but I have however concluded, I may need someone to work me through it physically before I can get it. Yet, it is something that is in my bucket list. The only thing I find am not really interested in learning now is blockchain. I will be sending the plan tomorrow morning to everyone that indicated interest.