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Discussion on: 10 useless NPM Package with millions of downloads

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Definitely not "all browsers". If you bothered to check, there are a few browsers that do not support it, but they definitely exist.

For example, Internet Explorer 11 is definitely still supported in many websites.

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Jyotishman Saikia Author

there are a bunch of browsers available in the market. But we consider only the top modern browsers.

internet explorer is going to end very soon. So , i think majority of users dont use this browser as they have moved to edge.

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Mike Talbot • Edited on

15% of my users. UK corporates that are not technical (Plumbers, Builders, Contractors etc). IE11 still shipped with W10. etc etc. Check out the Wikipedia stats, they still get ~5% of visitors on IE11. Can't wait until I say "not supported" lol.