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Good First Post!!!

anshumanmahato profile image Anshuman Mahato ・1 min read

Let's start with stating that this is my very first post on "". It's been a few months since I came to know about this platform. I came across this platform while working on HacktoberFest2020 (By the way, it was my first HacktoberFest as well).

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When I came here, at first, it seemed to me like a blog. But then, I realised that it's not just a simple blog, but a social media platform that focuses primarily on developers. A community of coders.

Until now, I did not have any plans to post here. Just came here to get some tutorials, read some stuff and that was all I did here. But recently, I had this idea of documenting my coding journey. And "DEV.To" seemed like a really great option for this purpose. And this is where I begin. From here onwards, I have decided that this year, I'll be posting one article every week regarding whatever I'd be learning in that week.

Wishing you guys a Very Happy New Year!!!

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