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Discussion on: Explain Microsoft Azure Like I'm 5!

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Microsoft Azure is basically cloud service. Cloud ? its not really cloud, its just someone's else computer. So like that, Microsoft has a huge server room, computers, machines which work 24 hours to give us cloud service. When we develop something we debug it at localhost : some_port. So when we want everyone to access this page developed by us, we need to host it public so that it can be accessed from everywhere and everyone. Since we can't make hosting available 24*7 on our computers also the resources issue so here comes cloud services like Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform), AWS (Amazon Web services), DigitalOcean. So explaining about Azure is same as these where we need to pay per use pay as we use, pay how much we use means uptime and resources. We can host our databases, our frontend of website, our backend of webiste, any image , media etc etc and then we say that that particular thing is on cloud that is we have put our things on someone else computer(Azure) and they are hosting for us. We need to setup, configure and install things as needed. Azure and other platforms are available with good user interface so easy to understand and configure. So for this you need to know basic cloud computing and then enjoy services, Happy cloud computing :)
i hope this explanation was enough for a 5 yr old :)