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I know several very good developers who have rejected offers from Google, Uber and the likes for conducting interviews like the one described at the post and decided to give it a try with less known and smaller companies for conducting the interview like you have said. When I asked one of them "why reject Google?" the answer was:

If they are going to treat me like this when they are supposedly trying to get me to like them I don't want to know how they treat their people.

After talking to people like that I changed my mind about interviews and when I was the one interviewing someone I have always tried to do like you said with extremely good results.

At the end of the day in our industry the law of supply and demand is on the side of us, software engineers, because companies need more of us than they are available and thus an interview is not only for the company to see if the person being interviewed is good for them, it is also for the one being interviewed to see if he likes the company and the people and culture there.

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