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Developer CMS - open-source headless cms

anorouzii profile image Ali Norouzi Updated on ・1 min read

A few months ago, I decided to create a content management system with a focus on the needs of a developer. And that's the result.

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These are the features that are available in this CMS.

  • Publish or Draft your posts, page, portfolios and more as Contents
  • Clean data (an object of content instead of HTML)
  • Receive and manage messages
  • Extra fields for additional information to include your API
  • Secure and Customizable

get starting is very simple, just create a free MongoDB atlas database and edit the config.json file, now you can deploy it on a NodeJS host.

More details 👇👇

✅ also, you can check the live demo
username: adminuser
password: adminpass

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dayesouza profile image
Day Souza

I am currently searching a lot about a CMS and I think yours is amazing! It's a great start, congrats!