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Discussion on: Share Your Experiences with Impostor Syndrome

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Mark Bussell Jr • Edited on

Thought about writing a reply, but who would want to listen to someone just smart enough to manage? (kidding ... sort of)

I've always thought of myself as having started programming later than I "should" have. It seemed like most of the folks in my class had already had some experience/skill in the area where I'd just switched majors a year in. (there's a story there too, but not one relevant to what you're looking for)

In an odd way, the impostor feeling has gotten worse over the years instead of better... it seems that when you take a bit of impostor syndrome, add a sleep disorder and burnout, and cycle it vigorously viciously for a decade it leaves you in a less-than-desirable place.

Intellectually I know I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and 13 years hard earned experience, that I've architected and grown several large-scale software endeavours, and that I have the skill to pick up whatever language/framework I need to - but there's also that voice (not a literal one :) in the back of my head reminding me of all the things I just don't know, reminding me that I never earned more than an Associates degree and that many just don't care if the level of work is beyond that achievement.

I've started - but never submitted - a few posts to this community about future projects and plans. I would love to share and start ... and haven't because I can't (currently) resolve the disconnect between the intellectual understanding that the projects are of value and interest, and the visceral feeling that I am not nearly as good as I think I am.

I'm writing not because I know how to handle it, or what techniques to use - but because it is also helpful to know that there are others right where you are now and not just those who have already made their way through. I want to share with those who need to know: you - and yes I mean you - are not alone. We will be better than we are now. And who knows. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually hit submit.

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Kathryn Grayson Nanz Author

Oh man, I feel you SO MUCH on the submitting to the community. I've written one blog post so far, about a non-technical subject. I told myself after submitting that one that I would try and write one every month...needless to say, this is my first post since then (and it's not even a blog)!

I'll be that corny reply that encourages you to hit the submit button. Someone once told me that no matter how novice you feel you are, there's always someone more novice than you – so even posts that you don't think are of value or interest might well be very useful to someone who hasn't done that thing before.

And thanks for sharing here :)