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Discussion on: What's the best software for creating flowcharts and other visuals to document application logic?

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Mark Bussell Jr • Edited on

In college we used SmartDraw, which was (and likely still is) an awesome tool. The big catch is the cost - it was expensive then, which is why I didn't use it much after college, and it's even more expensive now...

I haven't had nearly as much need for these sorts of tools in the last few years, but for some one-off type stuff I've use Dia and Pencil, both are FLOSS projects.

Dia was a little clunky, but it handled a fairly complex chart well. Pencil is primarily a UI prototyping tool that also happens to have the assets to be used for this purpose - which leaves it's options a little more on the simplistic-but-easy-to-learn side.