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How to set up Vite React TS project with Vitest

This tutorials will work for self-generated vite react-ts projects. Please also refer to the following two repos if you have different requirements:

I personally ran into quite some TS errors and after some hours of digging I found the following settings worked for me. Hence I'd like to write it down and hope it will benefit anyone who has encountered the same issue.

1. Install packages. You will need those following:

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2. Add scripts:

"test": "vitest",
"test:ui": "vitest --ui",
"coverage": "vitest run --coverage",
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3. In your vite.config.ts add, note the triple slash reference types are important to include here:

/// <reference types="vitest" />
/// <reference types="vite/client" />

import {defineConfig} from 'vite';
import react from '@vitejs/plugin-react';

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [react()],

  ...bla bla bla

  test: {
    globals: true,
    environment: 'jsdom',
    setupFiles: './src/setupTests.ts',
    // you might want to disable it, if you don't have tests that rely on CSS
    // since parsing CSS is slow
    css: true,
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4. In your tsconfig.json include:

 "include": ["src", "@testing-library/jest-dom"],
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5. In your root directory, have a file named setupTests.ts and include those:

/// <reference types="vitest/globals" />
import '@testing-library/jest-dom';
import "@testing-library/jest-dom/extend-expect";
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6. Make a utils folder and include a test-utils.tsx file and put those in the code:

/* eslint-disable import/export */
import { cleanup, render } from '@testing-library/react'
import { afterEach } from 'vitest'

afterEach(() => {

const customRender = (ui: React.ReactElement, options = {}) =>
  render(ui, {
    // wrap provider(s) here if needed
    wrapper: ({ children }) => children,

export * from '@testing-library/react'
export { default as userEvent } from '@testing-library/user-event'
// override render export
export { customRender as render }
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7. Finally, try writing a test, such as App.test.tsx

import {describe, expect, it} from 'vitest';
import App from './App';
import { render, screen, userEvent } from './utils/test-utils'

describe('Simple working test', () => {
  it('the title is visible', () => {
    render(<App />);
    expect(screen.getByText(/Ellida Admin/i)).toBeInTheDocument();
  it('should increment count on click', async () => {
    render(<App />)'button'))
    expect(await screen.findByText(/count is: 1/i)).toBeInTheDocument()

  it('uses flexbox in app header', async () => {
    render(<App />)
    const element = screen.getByRole('banner')
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Then type in command line either pnpm test if you just want it to run in the terminal or pnpm test:ui if you want to see the nice UI part. npm or yarn would work similar.

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Aleksandr Savkin • Edited on

I had an error in vite config either about plugins (in case of using defineConfig from vitest) or about test (with /// <reference types and defineConfig from vite). Upgraded to vite v.4
When tried to run the test I got an error about 'jsdom' dependency

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