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Discussion on: We need to talk: More on the problems juniors are facing

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Annie Taylor Chen

"Survival of the fittest" --- exactly how I felt. It felt even worse if you are not a CS grad.

So far I don't think any company I interviewed with used my code in their real code base but many of them do require lengthy time contribution in code or project challenge. If they offer enough time (1-2 hours) to review and give me feedback I don't feel too bad, after all their engineers need to get a feel for their future co-workers and perhaps they're not looking for juniors but wanted to give me a chance.

Some have employed automated tests which has nothing to do with the real work that simply rejected you if you don't pass, that is not fine with me.

Strangely, both my internship and first job didn't require take-home test, whiteboard, algorithm test etc. What we had is a conversation more about our mutual interests and whom I am as person. But... don't get me wrong that I just bump into luck. I do have a good portfolio to convince them to talk to me. And I also went through tons of frustrating job hunting and rounds and rounds of interviews and tests. Sometimes I learn something along the way, sometimes I don't.

I don't know what will be the best way either... I wish there is a round table talk for hiring manager and candidates to share some honest insights so it will benefit both in the future.