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This is interesting from a company's perspective. From candidates' perspective, yeah... they have less time for each company, they have to file hundreds and hundreds of applications and will be rejected by most of them, so why bother spending so much time? When I began first time I really spent a lot of time researching every job and every company, but after a lot of rejection, I learnt to just scan through and if the tech stacks are interesting enough I will hit apply. Then if the company invites me for an interview, I will go back and research a bit more about them, finding reasons that we are good fit for each other. But let's be honest, there are companies that will be your dream ones, you can spend more time researching them, doing their challenges, trying your best to win their heart, but there are others that you just apply so you can put food on the table in case your dream date, ahhem, dream company doesn't want you, naturally you will have less motivation to invest so much time in that. No matter which case, I think finding a common ground that's beneficial for both is good strategy.

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