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Discussion on: Fundamentals of Functional JavaScript

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Animesh Pandey Author

Haha, I once had to contribute to a project written in ClojureScript long ago, for a bounty. Back then, I didn't have much understanding of FP, so I was absolutely blown away! Eventually, I got the hang of it, and I'm looking forward to making something of my own out of it! But it was probably the steepest learning curve of my life, so far.

I was going to bring it up eventually, in one of the articles to come, about how exceedingly amazing FP implementation can be in ClojureScript, for someone coming from a JavaScript or similar background.

JavaScript on its own, in my opinion, has a sweet balance between imperative and declarative styles, hence quite amazing for learning any new concepts.

Thanks for liking the article! There's so much to cover under the umbrella of "fundamentals", it's no wonder many learners are flabbergasted when they are directly skipped over to some advanced FP concept.

Hope you'll like the next one too!