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I really want to embrace Ruby and RoR, but am doubtful of the overall demand, especially here in India. So I've stuck with PHP/Laravel. :(


There's tons of demand, I can assure you that. And don't go on just the total number of jobs out there - you will have more airhostess than captains and maybe their openings are more too but does that mean you should pick the former?


Don't be hesitate. Ruby on Rails is popular among startups, because of its development speed. And there is also a great community formed around the technology.


By now I've come to the conclusion that I hate Laravel because the User model is baked into everything -- from the core services to third-party packages. That, and the PHP syntax, which is highly offputting, are my major complaints. :( Is the User model (or something similar) an invasive must in Rails?

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