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Two points for the awesome main image! Resolutions never work for me, no matter how much I write down, paste reminders, or announce socially. I have too much of a wayward mind that wants to do everything, and ends up doing nothing. So, while I have no resolutions whatsoever, I do have a direction: to waste less time on games, YouTube, etc. If I can do that, my life will be sorted. 🤔


Seems like you are distracted by technology. Also, Anything can be achieved if try hard. Check this column out, I have written many articles just to help people get rid of their Digital Addiction and be more productive. 😊
Hope this will help. All the best.


I've read countless articles before so that is not going to help me.

Also, Anything can be achieved if try hard.

This, however, is. I'll make an effort! 😇🙏

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