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I'm surprised Elixir didn't make the cut! As per me, it's more popular and useful than some of the entries here. 🤔


Well a few of them didn’t. I can’t search this page on mobile, but I think Clarion, ML, Smalltalk, Script#, and DOS Batch didn’t make it either. However, it is still a very comprehensive read.


Ohh yeah. Clarion was cool. Unfortunately the people at TopSpeed (coming from Borland Turbo Pascal team) did same mistake with the language as Borland did. They made it commercial instead to open it to the community. Many concepts from clarion has been very sexy (interactive templates, data dictionary, :=: operator 😉)
I learned much in early 90s in the XBase area. The success of open source and the rapidly growing java ecosystem (especially at backend) changed the way we see programming... now Node and JS seem to rule the world. Funny times 🙂


AFAIK it didn't make the cut in the latest TIOBE index because of some criterias.


[...] because of some criterias

Such as?

I was wrong, it was actually considered but didn't make to the top 43.

I assumed it didn't fall into because it wasn't in the top 100 in a recent listing (was #104).

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