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Hello, I'm primarily a PHP developer and have worked with Python a bit. My advice? Please stop reading up these pointless and time-consuming discussions. Please also stop wondering if your stack is good or bad. As long as you pick an active and famous language, you can't go wrong. The time to switch will come eventually no matter what you choose right now, so stick with what makes sense to you. Focus on the positive things and on building stuff; there are enough worries in life as it is. :-)


Well, at least go with any language that won't be any wrong-er than stupid made-up languages which were never intended for big things like Brianfuck, Malbolge or PHP.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Brainfuck, I just don't recommend using it in real life.


I too am a PHP Developer. And I agree with you. There is so much hate for both PHP and Python. And people shouldn't let it stop them from learning it.

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