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re: I would argue against the "clients can also manage their content themselves". As someone who has been a part of a group for 3 years. They are techn...

Well, most of the time business requirements extend beyond posting content publicly. I'm aware of the pain WordPress brings, and in one my earlier projects I was supposed to build an e-commerce system, first in Java (yay!), but then they changed their mind to PHP (oops!). I got started and was about 25% done, when the SEO and marketing folks started crying about how long it was taking for "simple" things like double opt-in and Google Analytics ecommerce tracking, tracking the path a user took in a funnel before dropping off, etc., which could be set up and working in five minutes in WordPress. At that time, I couldn't argue with them. With WooCommerce they could be selling stuff the next day, and there was tremendous business value in that. For the record, I moved out soon afterwards (for some other reasons), and they ended up picking Magento. 😐

I can agree with Ankush. Wordpress just works. It's not perfect, but works. Bussinesses don't have years, they need it ASAP. Nothing can beat WP in that.

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