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re: The Laravel community, especially the LaraCasts author Jeffrey Way, is mostly against SPAs and Flux (Elm) like central stores, at least. In the wor...

True. I included Elm because that's where the original idea comes from, although Redux/Flux seems to take all the credit. 😏

I think the higher your skill-level as a front-end dev, the more these things make sense. Juniors absolutely love jQuery, because there are so many elegant plugins out there; mid-level developers like me know the pain of jQuery, and also know that frameworks are better, but their front-end skills hold them back from making a complete switch; really experienced ones are either writing in Elm or even vanilla JS.

All this said, though, consulting (freelancing) is a different beast. They (includes me) need to get the job done in the least possible time, which obviates stuff like React, SASS, unit testing, browser testing, and so on.

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