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Discussion on: How to implement email functionality with Node.js, React.js, Nodemailer, and OAuth2

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hey how can we add attachments(pdf specifically ) can you guide me in that?

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Jared Long Author

Hey, great question and thanks for asking. Actually, I haven't done this but I really want to figure it out now! I'll look into it to expand my article and/or make a part two.

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Jared Long Author • Edited on

@ankurssj Hey not sure if you've figured this out or not but I have figured out the backend portion. I'm sure to wire up using attachments with the frontend will require multer to handle file requests and potentially something like Cloudinary for storing & creating urls for the attachments.

For now, here is the backend with images/files saved directly within the server project.

Essentially, you need to create an array of attachment objects (here I named mine attachmentItems) and then create an attachment key within the mailOptions object and its value is the returned result of mapping the attachmentItems.