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How to stay motivated

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Hello! How can you stay motivated even during hard times? I want to share some of the techniques I am using for keeping myself motivated.

  1. Taking care of your health
    Health is for me the most important part of staying motivated. I feel a massive difference in my energy and mood when I eat healthy and take care of myself.

  2. Keep an affirmation & success journal
    When I have doubts or feel anxious I write down affirmations in my journal which say the opposite of my fears, like "I pass the exam tomorrow", e.g. Im also writing down little and big successes I had to not forget about them and see what I have already been capable of.

  3. Think about the negative outcome
    For me it also helps to think about what will happen if I dont do what I need to do. So e.g. when I have trouble learning I think that I will probably fail my exam when I dont do it.

  4. Start small
    The hardest part is normally to begin something. When I really dont feel like doing sth. I set a time limit for myself, like say 10 minutes of cleaning the apartment. Normally the motivation comes automatically then. If not, I stop doing it and try another day.

How do you stay motivated? Have a nice day. :)

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