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Create a Personal Portfolio Website Using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

animaroy profile image Anima Roy ・1 min read

Hello friends, in this article I am going to show you how to create a responsive personal portfolio website.

When creating a personal portfolio website, you need to look at a few special things, the most important of which is that you need to design the website in such a way that you can put all your experience and talent in front of your users. A portfolio website is a website where you will showcase your educational qualifications and your experience to the users. They will then hire you for their project according to their needs. So in this case you need to use the website in a modern way, using bright colors and animations to beautifully showcase all your qualities and experiences in front of the users. With this in mind, I have designed this website in a completely modern and professional way.

I basically used HTML, CSS, and bootstrap programming code to make it. You can download all its code and necessary images for free by clicking on the download button below.

If you want to learn how to make it completely, you can watch the video tutorial below.

Demo and Download Code

If you like the video tutorial, be sure to like the video and comment on it so I can encourage you to create new designs.

You can comment on what kind of design you want. Special thanks to you for reading to the end of the article.

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