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Merry JavaScriptmas

anilkaundal profile image Anil Kaundal ・Updated on ・2 min read

What is JavaScriptmas?

It is an advent calendar that both improves your JavaScript skills and gives you a chance of winning epic prizes.

How long it lasts?

It is 24 days long challenge. Every single day from December 1st to 24th, Scrimba sends you a small coding challenge directly to your inbox. They start off simple and ramp up throughout the month so that you can gradually improve your JavaScript skills.

What else do you get besides these challenges?

Once you have completed your solution, you can share it on Twitter under the #JavaScriptmas hashtag. This gives you a chance to win a free one-year Pro membership on Scrimba worth $150, as they will pick a random winner from the submissions every single day. In addition to the daily prize, they also hand out a Grand Prize of $1000 along with a lifetime Pro membership on Scrimba on Christmas Eve. Anyone who's submitted a valid solution on Twitter throughout December is eligible for winning the Grand Prize. The more submissions you have made, the higher your chances are on Christmas Eve. So it also teaches you to be persistent!

How is my experience with it?

I'm no javascript pro and I don't use that much javascript at my work too. So I decided to take up this challenge and refresh my JavaScript skills and if not at least learn from my fellow friends who took part in this challenge. It's always great to see how others think while solving a problem. This year has brought nothing but surprises - the best surprise for me was realizing that I had control over my future and that learning can be fun too! All thanks to the Scrimba team and mentors on the platform.

Here are my solutionsβ€”

Day 1β€” 🍬 Candies
Day 2β€” ⭐️ Deposit Profit
Day 3β€” 🧚 Chunky Monkey
Day 4β€” πŸŽ„ Century From Year
Day 5β€” πŸ‘ Reverse a String
Day 6β€” 🀢 Sort by Length
Day 7β€” 🦌 Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8β€” πŸ”” The Rolling Dice
Day 9β€” 🎺 Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Day 10β€” πŸ’‚β€β™€οΈ Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11β€” 🎁 Avoid Obstacles
Day 12β€” ❄️ Valid Time
Day 13β€” 🀴 Extract Each Kth
Day 14β€” 🧸 Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15β€” πŸ•Š Carousel
Day 16β€” 🧦 Insert Dashes
Day 17β€” πŸ‘‘ Different Symbols Naive
Day 18β€” πŸŽ…πŸ» Array Previous Less
Day 19β€” 🐫 Alphabet Subsequence
Day 20β€” ✨ Domain Type
Day 21β€” πŸ¦ƒ Sum of Two
Day 22β€” πŸ‘Ό Extract Matrix Column
Day 23β€” 🌠 Social Media Input
Day 24β€” Test Your Agility

Happy Coding!!!

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