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Discussion on: Do you prefer chrome or Firefox quantum

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Anil Dash

Hey Donald, just wanted to make sure everybody knows that we’ll be supporting our Glitch debugging features on Firefox as soon as they’ve finished some updates they’re doing to their dev tools. This has been about the browser not yet supporting the capability (and debugging not being governed by web standards), but we’re adamant about not being Chrome-specific.

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Donald Merand

That's very exciting about Firefox dev tool integration with Glitch! I'm glad to see that you have a strong cross-browser policy too.

Looking back, my comment sounded way more like a drag on Glitch than I intended it to. At EXPLO, we do a whole lot of our JS frontend work in Glitch, because it is so much easier + better than trying to manage it locally. I used Glitch as an example because, as practically the only tool I use for front-end development, it was an example familiar to me.

By the way, welcome to, Anil Dash, our pal. I hope you stick around + check things out a bit. Hopefully my offhanded comment will be the most negative one you encounter :)

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Muhammad Author

Thanks for mentioning Glitch I was looking for this type of resource