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Top 15 Angular inDepth articles of 2019 (excerpt)

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2019 has come to an end. Here at Angular inDepth, we're happy to have offered you another year of high quality, in-depth articles on Angular and related topics.

This was also the year when the first inDepth conference was held. 7 of your favourite speakers delivered in-depth talks throughout a 2-track day of talks and workshops in Kiev, Ukraine. Videos are available on the inDepth conference YouTube channel.

Looking back at the year that has gone by, we have collected the 15 articles that have caught your attention the most.

The list have a few topics in common. 2019 was the year in which you Angular inDepth readers were most excited about:

  • Angular version 8, Angular version 9, and Angular Ivy
  • RxJS
  • Angular Components (Angular CDK, Angular Material, and components for Google products)
  • Dynamic loading and rendering

Let's go through the list and see whether you managed to miss any of them or you want to revisit a favorite article.

#15: Building an extensible Dynamic Pluggable Enterprise Application with Angular

By Alexey Zuev

A use case in high demand from the Angular community is the option to compose Angular components based on a runtime configuration. The Angular team has opted out of offering an official solution. Instead, it’s up to us to implement this using Angular’s building blocks and extension options.

Alexey introduces an Angular View Engine-compatible solution that is AOT-compiled, shares common dependencies between Angular plugin modules without increasing the bundle sizes and has server-side rendering support. One of the techniques used is a custom Angular CLI builder.

#14: Asynchronous Modules and Components in Angular Ivy

By Artur Androsovych

Artur explores different techniques for dynamic, lazy module loading and dynamic component rendering using Ivy and Angular CDK Portal. He starts out by using experimental Ivy APIs but ends up using stable Ivy APIs only.

The result is a recipe we can use as a starting point for lazy-loading components or entire features without relying on routes or the lazyModules CLI workspace option.

#13: How to RxJS in Angular

By Matthias Meier

Combinations of RxJS and Angular are explored through simple examples in this interesting article by Matthias. These techniques and use cases are covered:

  • Observable input properties
  • Observable DOM events
  • Cancelling in-flight HTTP requests
  • Letting Angular manage subscriptions using the AsyncPipe
  • Preventing duplicate HTTP requests when multiple subscriptions occur
  • Avoiding memory leaks when managing multiple subscriptions

#12: Tooltip with Angular CDK

By Nikita Poltoratsky

Based on his experience with building a UI component library using Angular CDK, Nikita walks us through the development of a tooltip directive.

We learn how to use:

  • Host listeners
  • CDK Overlay
  • CDK Portal
  • Relative element positioning

#11: Google Maps is now an Angular component

By Tim Deschryver

Google has started publishing official Angular components for Google products as part of the Angular Components project. The first one was the YouTube player in Angular version 8.2. The second official Google product component is a wrapper for the Google Maps JavaScript API which Tim covers in this article.

We learn about methods, input properties and output properties of:

  • The GoogleMap component
  • The MapMarker component
  • The MapInfoWindow component

The Angular Google Maps package is scheduled to be released with Angular version 9.


The top 15 is finished on inDepth

After the remaining 10 articles of this list, we feature the prominent women of inDepth as well as introduce our most active writers of 2019.

Continue reading the full list for free on inDepth.dev to discover the 10 most popular Angular inDepth articles of 2019.

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