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To The Future Software Engineer

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It has been a very rewarding experience to become a software engineer. Companies are constantly looking to fill in positions looking for different types of engineers such as but not limited to front end engineer, back end engineer, full-stack engineer, Mobile IOS/Android Engineer, QA engineer, database engineer, DevOps engineer, and more. These positions are high in demand, irreplaceable by robots, and there is always a shortage every year. Try to search these roles and see any role sparks an interest then pursue.

The common mentality that people think is that one has to be smart/genius to be an engineer, good at math, and needs a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. This is not true at all. I am not a genius nor very good at math and do not have a Computer Science degree. I taught myself the skills needed to be an engineer when I was unemployed.

There are lots of reasons to be a software engineer.

  1. To pursue one's passion
  2. To build beautiful websites or/and applications
  3. Monetary. Yes, it pays pretty well
  4. Be able to work remotely
  5. Convenient. You can work from your home and wear your favorite PJ's
  6. Job is safe when there is pandemic :)
  7. Shyness. Introvert or someone who wants to be left alone
  8. Many more reasons I didn't mention above
  9. All or combination of the above

The perfect time to build up the skills needed is now! This can be done after work, during unemployment, or simply looking for a career change.

There are lots of documentation online, articles, and even free or paid videos/courses online thanks to the explosion of the internet. I consider us to be fortunate as every information we need is super accessible. Fire up and search away! Practice a lot then build things. Learn, fail, search, or ask for answers, and then repeat.

Are you up for the change or challenge and be a future software engineer?

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