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Discussion on: Pour Explained: P is for Perceivable Part 3

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Andrew Nevins

You're right thank you for clarifying! I would just bear in mind that this technique is not the preferred technique for meeting this SC:

While using this technique is sufficient to meet this success criteria, it is not the preferred technique to differentiate link text. This is because links that use the relative luminance of color alone may not be obvious to people with black/white color blindness. If there are not a large number of links in the block of text, underlines are recommended for links.

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⚡️Ren⚡️ Author

Thanks For providing further research into the method, my post is only a brief description of the success criterion at a beginners level with the hope that it will inspire others to research more on accessibility or at the very least get folks thinking about it when maybe they hadn’t before.

Thanks again for your diligence