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Discussion on: Do not just use color to convey information

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Andrew Nevins • Edited

I also had a small point on the stock ticker. I understand we're only addressing Use of Color and it's important not to detract from that, and while the CSS pseudo approach is illustrative for the reader, I think there are some associated problems with it:

  • People may not be aware that it's not just people with visual impairments that miss out, but people using assistive technologies.
  • Using icons in psuedo content may also be announced to some assistive tech:

I think therefore the result should be both satisfying to assistive technology users and people with low vision and colour impairments.
What do you think about changing the CSS pseudo example to a HTML image with alternative text?

For example:

AMD <img alt="Down" src="down-icon.svg" /> 52.00
INTC <img alt="Down" src="down-icon.svg" /> 58.74
NVIDIA <img alt="Up" src="up-icon.svg" /> 380.70

This isn't simpler to convey as an example of the result, but it does address the wider audience for 1.4.1.

Thanks again for your efforts,

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Alvaro Montoro Author

The series is related to changes that can be done to improve accessibility by just using CSS (without requiring HTML/JS changes). I agree an additional image approach would be better in general, but that would be also out of the scope of the series. I'll edit the article to add a note... and in general to rearrange things and provide better examples. Thanks for the comment and the feedback.