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Discussion on: SOLID principles in the Go programming language

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Andonis Gaja

It would be very helpful if you went more deep than the first lines of Solid description. You dismissed so fast the SRP because of the class term, when actually the SRP is talking about module, class or function or any other programing entity, and it makes so much sense to be like this. I see a lot of Javascript developers who are writing funcțions with hundreds of lines of code doing dozens of things and makes me sad, only if they knew about this principle. And the other principles are being taken also this shallow in the article.

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Jay R. Wren Author

That was the point.

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wick3dr0se • Edited on

I personally love how short and to the point it is. It explains everything without going over the top; Which is typical in the development field. Experienced developers make it hard for new developers to come in when they don't dumb things down a bit so that everyone can understand. Thank you!