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Why I'm not using Supabase again

Supabase is an amazing product. I'm not using Supabase again because I don't think it's easier to move more logic to the database layer. Here are three reasons why I'm not using Supabase again for my projects.

1. Requires you to know more SQL not less

There's this notion that Supabase is easier for frontend engineers. I would argue that it's harder. Supabase required me to read and learn raw SQL...SQL that went beyond reading and joining data. I had to learn how to use SQL to do tasks such as an updated_at column, migrations, and authorization.

2. Strong coupling with the Supabase way

Yes, it's true that I don't HAVE to write raw SQL. Supabase is just Postgres and it can be used like a regular database. Wrap some ORM around it.

Easier said than done. Before you know it, you are doing everything in Supabase because it's so easy. Also, if you are using Supabase like a regular database...why even use it in the first place?

3. One app is easier to manage than two apps

If you're using Supabase, you now have two apps: one for UI and another for backend. Is this really easier than managing one app? Is it easier to manage application code in one language and bunch of backend logic in raw SQL?


Supabase might be a fit for you. Supabase is not a fit for me right now. One app and one language is all I can handle on my own.

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