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re: How does one embark a career as a devrel?

Disclaimer: there’s no “single way” to do that. Here’s my experience.

In my case, after ~15 years as a coder and as a consultant, I was already very active in online communities, in Open Source (pre-GitHub, I should add!), and had been developing as a public speaker. Probably the most valuable attribute for me was being active on social media - I often comment that being on Twitter led to my jobs at both VMware/Pivotal, and at Twitter itself. Both Pat Chanezon (VMware as was), and Jeff Sandquist (Twitter as was) recognised what I was doing through my Twitter presence and reputation, backed up by my blog and YouTube videos of my public speaking gigs. Hiring managers could see what i was writing about, talking about, making videos about, and how I engaged with developer communities.

There really are many ways to move into the space, though! As a hiring manager myself, I’m looking for: passion; communication skills; a level of technical knowledge in one or more coding languages. I want to know that you care, and that you can communicate your love of and interest in a topic (any topic; not necessarily my company or product or platform) in an engaging manner. So, that opens paths in and out from roles such as software engineeering, product management, consulting, marketing, community management, or support.

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