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Andy Piper

Long-time reader, first-time poster (on this thread!)

Can anyone help me to understand what the roadmap / design goal / plan is around the external API?

I'm seeing a bunch of specs, some of which explicitly live under /api/v0 and others of which just seem to be available at the root level unversioned. Some of them seem to overlap (github_repos_spec). Some objects like User seem to be "needed" or no-brainer entities on an external API, but are at the top level and unversioned. I'm not really seeing any documentation on this at the moment.

Also, are there any thoughts about adopting or conforming to e.g. OpenAPI or other standard specifications?

In general: big fan of APIs; want to help, advise, contribute; but at the moment I'm fairly confused about what I'm seeing in the codebase and in a few scattered posts where devs have used the current early v0. Would love to understand more about the goals and design intent here!