Do you set up Patreon or other services to accept donation? πŸ’°

Andy Li on July 09, 2019

On one hand, it sounds great to receive donation for working on projects, and people can dream of having enough donation to quit their day jobs. On... [Read Full]
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I contribute to creators on Patreon primarily to let them know that I want them to keep creating content. It's not about the money so much as me saying "I enjoy the work you produce and want you to keep doing it."

Patreon for a software developer maintaining an open source project, however, sounds an awful lot like giving a guarantee that if a Patreon supporter opens an issue you'll hop right on it. I can't think of many software developers who would provide that service for $5/month.


Indeed OSS devs may still feel the pressure even if the supporters do not have such an intention. Would anonymous donation be a solution to this problem?


I believe so. Occasionally, I see a single-payment "donate" button on an open source project's homepage, and I am far more likely to make a single payment than sign up for recurring payments.


Interesting question!

In my opinion, if you start accepting money for a side project it suddenly becomes and side job :(


That's a good point. There has been a trend of providing patron-only rewards, making it even more like a job than receiving donation.


I'm not sure if it is worth doing if you need to spend additional time to provide the benefits you have promised your Patrons. Particularly if it is time spent with individuals on Slack calls or one on one mentoring.

I also feel like there (sometimes) comes a sense of entitlement. My concern with the GitHub model is that OSS contributors will be bullied into rushing through features because a donor paid their $10.

A tricky environment for sure. :)


Oh, I didn't know there is an age restriction for Patreon. I wonder if it's due to some legal reason or not. It says you can workaround with a written permission from a parent or guardian though.


I'm going to wait it out a couple of weeks now, nearly there. The problem wasn't inherently the age restriction on just Patreon but also wherever the $$ would have been withdrawn (if any)


I think is not wrong to ask for money, if the tool is useful, online payments are a commodity now

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