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Hey Ben, I wouldn't agree with your assessment. I'm not sure what you mean by it's horrible and ugly. Sure, frameworks like Laravel enhance the language and make it more concise and abstracted, adding great functionality but it doesn't 'fight' against it as if the framework is somehow covering up issues.

Rails, for example, is mostly used by Ruby devs. Does that indicate Rails is bad and therefore Ruby is also?

Rails being mostly used by Ruby devs has nothing to do with whether Rails is bad or whether Ruby is bad, and Rails being good or bad has little to do with whether Ruby is bad. I'm not sure what parallel you're trying to draw?

Fighting against the language and covering up issues is exactly what frameworks like Laravel do. Using an ORM instead of a selection of different legacy database connectors? Wrapping disparate date and time functions/classes in one interface? Replacing the "every page is an endpoint" approach with a router? These are things frameworks do, so it doesn't matter so much that the language is as inconsistent as it is.

Exactly, you're able to do much more with PHP than many people would realize because there are some really great frameworks available in PHP that smooth out these inconsistencies.

Before I really got deep into PHP and found these great frameworks, I had believed that PHP and anything to do with PHP should be avoided like the plague, but that simply is not the case. The bad/old PHP tools (read: Wordpress) should be avoided like the plague, but that doesn't condemn the language itself or the other great tools for it.

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