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re: Nobody is able to analyze webserver's logs anymore? Why you have to put a JS script in your pages?

I don't think you understand what Google Analytics is.

Web server logs wont help me understand the age and gender of my audience. GA does.

Google analytics allows me to easily export reports and view metrics graphically.

Teams within my business use the conversation tracking tools to measure where different parts of our site drive the most sales.

GA is used for more than simply tracking hits on a page.



I understand very well what Google Analytics does.

You CAN get much of the same insight from properly configured server logs on a properly designed website.

GA build good reports on top of data collected through JS, but you could build similar reports by yourself and people used to do that sort of analytics before it.

The problem is that website owners sell their visitors' data for such reporting.

So it's way cheaper to them than a good team of developers and data analysts.

Everybody is fine... except milking cows users.

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