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Interesting article and points you've brought up.

I personally think it's okay to have a lot of software/apps die out. Technology moves ridiculously fast, whether for good or bad. If we use hardware as an example, there's so much hardware that's not useful to people anymore. Sure, an old typewriter is pretty cool, but if you can have a laptop you can do so much more than putting words on paper. Technology always gets better and better, and it's okay to have old software make room for the new.

I do think it would be pretty cool to have a museum of apps or something like that. How cool would it be to go to a museum and just play and use old technology? I'd go there almost every day! You can certainly learn a lot from the past, but I'm a believer that we don't need to dwell on past ideas forever to move forward.

If you do decide to make a museum of apps, let me know. I'll gladly be your first customer. :)


Haha! true.
Technology moves faster every day. Not every software/hardware can be preserved for future generations in a way they could experience it like today.

Some apps could be saved in an old iPhone. Like flappy bird that could still be played if you don't update your iOS.

A non digital museum could be created for this kind of technology preservation effort. But with the amount of apps being made today I think it's better a digital only form with videos, photos and documents. May be one with a bunch of phones like the Firefox OS so people know them better :).

Thanks for your reply.

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