re: What Rails or JS programming problem(s) do you wish you could watch someone work out? VIEW POST


I feel like I need to give out those I Voted stickers ;).

What did you vote for and why?


Haha I have a VOTE pin attached to my jacket that I'm too lazy to take off. Still get some wandering eyes stuck on it when I'm commuting.

I voted for "slow Rails endpoint", but I misread the first one "Brittle JS feature tests" and would have voted for that instead. Reason being is that I can't seem to find much information about fixing JS feature tests and it's a rabbit hole that's not fun to go down anyway.

"Slow Rails endpoint" on the other hand is something I've seen a few posts about now, so seems to be a problem with solutions that are shared more often.

That's a really great point about the availability of existing support! Thanks!

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