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re: Hey @ben , it's my first time contribution to any open source project. I am trying to setup the project on my machine (rails version 5.2.1) but sc...

Hey @mirza, that's a current bug with the migrations since our older migrations are not forward-compatible right now. Since you're setting up for the first time, we recommend using bin/setup to setup your database from scratch. If you've setup your database already with rails db:create or rake db:create (same command), you'll need to drop it first with rails db:drop before running bin/setup.


i followed your suggestion and its now working. thanks mate! any advise for a rookie OSS contributor?

Glad it works! You can check out our issues page and work on any issues with the approved label. There should be enough context in the issue or the comments to get started. Any issues with "good first issue" is also a good start.

For OSS in general, I personally don't have much advice but that's how repo works. We try to adhere to similar standards that the OSS community has, and any feedback along the way will certainly be heard!

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